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About the Course

Train to suit you
–  Training Video
– Full Brow Lift Lamination demo treatment with narrative
–  Comprehensive Training Manual
– Professional Accreditation with ABT*
– Certificate*
–  Downloadable Poster and consultation
– Private Facebook Group
–  Facebook and Instagram Post
– Webinars and Podcasts

Advice will also be given on Marketing, pricing of the treatment, and case study guidance.

*To gain your certificate you will need to submit a video recording of you performing the treatment on a model or yourself (£25)

Professional Brow Lamination Kit £140

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Kit Includes: 1 x Composition N-1 Volume Lift, 1 x Composition N-2 Volume Fixer, Composition N-3 Nourishing Agent, Brow brush comb, and Fixing Agent and Keratin

Finance available subject to status with Payl8r, spread the cost over 12 months

Brow Lift Lamination 

This procedure helps to achieve symmetry of eyebrows, providing desired shape and colour. Brow Lamination allows you to create the perfect shape. The procedure helps recover and strengthen hairs, nourishing them with natural components

This is the best procedure in the fight against tough and unruly hairs. After the procedure the hairs become softer and can be styled into any direction.

Who is this suitable for?
• Incorrect eyebrow shape
• Irregular hair growth
• Eyebrow hairs that are difficult to style
• Lack of time for daily makeup

After the procedure, your client’s eyebrows will look like those of a model in the glossy magazine. The ideal shape, isn’t that a dream?

Also the keratin in the composition contributes to the accelerated growth of hairs inside the given area. This gives you a sharper edge and a more well-groomed and healthy brow.

Do not forget that the lamination is an excellent protection from the harmful effects of the environment.

The process is so easy it takes around 30 mins to complete (extra if you are colouring) and lasts up to 2 months.

* Postage charge £6.60