Mina Henna is the newest way to colour brows. With its own unique formula, Mina Henna will take your brow business to the next level. The simplest route for a Pro Brow Artist. You will add this stunning Henna to your treatment. It is now time for change in colouring brows, and you have to make the right decision. Take  ten minutes to read about a business woman with a passion for brows,  and a team of experts who love brows as much as she does. You are here for a reason,  and that reason is Mina Henna,  read  on and discover the future of colouring.


Very simple, that’s the key, cost effective, powerful and  a joy to work with. Incredible hold to the hair, superb colour over semi permanent or blading . Mina Henna will cover over red, orange, and blue pigment, sits perfectly. You can colour without concern. Mina Henna will  cover all white hairs, tint does not.

3 steps with Mina Henna is all it takes :

1 .Organic cleanse
2. Application  of Henna
3. Finish with Organic Oil.

We have kept Mina simple so you just fit it into your brow treatment without any add ons. 1.2.3 and you are in business .

Stunning brows every time

Your new colour system is mina

So you have been using tint for years,   why change I hear you say... Simple, no ammonia, no lead, no oxidant. Your natural brow grows again thicker and healthier. Mina Henna is the easiest system  in colouring, tested on over 100 models. Your future is only a few steps away, and our aftercare is excellent. You can call your teacher throughout the day, and there is  a private facebook only for qualified professionals.  Scientists from India and the U.K. have passed  Mina with flying colours, so you have our guarantee for a safe and effective colour system.

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Advanced colouring

Mina Henna has now launched in the U.K. and Ireland. Kerry  Hoy an advanced brow artist has waited for years and sourced Mina Henna for all artists to enjoy and further their careers. Kerry has all the passion for brows, from training in Beverly Hills, designing brow courses for artists, working on T.V and setting up small businesses in Brows across  the  country.

Mina Henna is  unique, It has  its  own formula that stands out from its competitors.  There is no need for starter preps, exfoliators, pastes, expensive water or  finishing preps. Mina Henna is the only 1.2.3 system :

1. Organic Cleanse
2. Mina Henna  colour
3. Brow Grow Oil .

There is no oxidant, lead and ammonia allowing the  brow to  grow again. Tested on 100 brows of every colour, Mina Henna will last for up to 6-7 weeks. You will only need to colour once and your client does not need to return until the next  6 week cycle.

Kerry has been working solely on brows  for 6 years, learning her craft and researching to find the  best colour system. She is honoured to be working with Mina.

2018 she has awards in her sites , She now has the ultimate colour system to support small businesses across the country, changing the way we colour brows. Working with Mina Henna has transformed her brow bar and will change yours to.  Truly superb, a colour system that will up your brow game.

Goodbye to tint, Hello to Mina Henna.

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Next Steps...

What are you waiting for?  Your next steps will change your colour system for your business. All we need are your details and leave the rest to us..

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